Friday, June 24, 2011

"Your Precum is Getting My Panties All Wet"

 There's some sexy stuff later on in this post, I promise :)

Prior to being caught and forced to admit our affair to her husband, Holly and I had been planning a date at my house.  We'd planned it for a while and then when everything blew up and she told her hubby about not only the sex, but the emotional component as well, neither of us was really sure if we should keep our date.  For those of you not fully up to speed on all the goings-on, her husband was at first very angry and hurt but then, less than 24 hours later, he was in a more forgiving, understanding mood.  He even told her that he would consider an open relationship and that he was ok with her continuing to see me since I clearly mean so much to her.  And then, another 24 hours passed and he was back to being upset; he gave her a week to break it off with me or move out.  What choice did we have, really?  I mean, she's got kids to think of and really was in no position to be on her own yet.

So, last Thursday, we met in person and, after some discussion, we decided that we would not see each other any more in person - at least not until she had things more figured out at home.  And then, another day passed and she and her husband talked further and I guess she told him of our plans to spend time together this week and he saw how important it was to her and essentially gave her permission to see me if she so desired.  On a side note, I respect the man for that immensely.  I am not sure I could be that forgiving so soon - especially if someone I cared about admitted deep feelings for another man.  So thanks, man.  Seriously. 

Anyway, on the eve of our date the other day, Holly and I had a somewhat awkward phone chat and I was getting a weird vibe from her.  I had already told her over the weekend that if it just didn't feel right to either one of us to keep our date, then we shouldn't do it.  I told her I'd understand if it was just too soon.  I even told her that I would be ok with just meeting out somewhere rather than at my place and that I was also totally ok with making it a more platonic (i.e. sexless) date.  I think we both still felt a bit weird when we spoke on the phone and then later that night but we share an attraction that is very, very strong and thus, it's hard to keep us apart.  We also happen to be two very stubborn, driven people who want what they want when they want it.  And so, she came over after all to spend the day with me.

I think we both kind of knew that we were headed for yet another break and were dreading the reality of that.  This was new territory now, having her husband know for sure when she would be seeing me.  We knew we needed to talk through it, but didn't want to face the prospect of a real break - no talking on the phone, no IM'ing late at night, no emails, no nothing.  When Holly arrived at my house the other morning, I was afraid I'd already lost her - as if her hubby's newly-opened mind could somehow wash away her love for me in only a few days (yeah, I can be a dumbass sometimes).  So, we talked through some tough stuff, shed some tears, and Holly explained to me the full depth of her feelings for me.  I won't repeat exactly what she said because it's something I'd prefer to keep to myself, but I will say that it knocked me for a loop.  In the greatest, most fulfilling, beautiful way that one could be knocked for a loop.  I was speechless, flattered beyond words.  Choked up and tongue-tied, I stammered some response that I can't even recall.  But in that moment, I began to feel ok.  I began to understand that, no matter what happens with her marriage, she's still going to love me.  And I'll love her.  Her words to me as we sat on my couch teary-eyed and flustered gave me a strength and confidence that make me feel like I'll be ok no matter what the future brings.  I have something no one can ever take from me.  You can't beat that with a stick!

Ok, so after the mushy stuff, we started kissing.  Softly at first and then getting more heated.  I ran my hands up her sexy, smooth-as-silk legs and under her sundress.  She was moaning softly and I know her well enough to say with confidence that she was really turned on by that point.  But I knew that we'd tentatively agreed to a platonic day and so I asked her what she wanted me to do.  Holly replied that she'd really like to be able to go back home that night and say that she had not had sex with me that day.  I told her, "Then we won't.  No problem".  And then, I kissed her some more.  In between sucking on my tongue, she mumbled something about how we could still make out like two high-schoolers and so she climbed on my lap and began grinding on my hard cock as we continued kissing.  I was kissing her all over - face, neck, chest, arms - and it wasn't long before she reached into her dress and pulled out a boob for me to suck on.  Now, dear reader, I'd like to tell you that I was quite the Ladies' Man in high school (no, not like Leon Phelps with his Courvoisier cognac and silly stories) but rather a suave guy who scored a lot.  But, sadly, I was not such a man.  Hell, I wasn't even a Ladies' Boy back then and so, sucking on a titty while some hot redhead ground her crotch against mine was most definitely not something that I had done in high school.  But, I rolled with the punches and made do.  I mean, if a girl pops out a tit, how rude would it be NOT to suck it?  Am I right???

So, I'm licking and biting and sucking on Holly's perfect, pink little nipple and my hands are under her dress squeezing her ass and we're grinding on each other and things were nearing a boiling point.  I fought every instinct I had not to throw her down on the couch and rip her clothes off and instead, suggested we go out to lunch.  We did and were soon back at my place on the couch trying to be good when I suggested we share some wine.  Well, the wine loosened us up a bit and it wasn't long before we were back at it.  Kissing, fondling, squeezing, grinding, licking, etc.  Pretty much anything with "-ing" on the end of it that doesn't have a "fuck" in front of it, we were doing it.  She hiked up her dress (I think to prove to me that what I'd mistakenly called "granny panties" earlier were, in fact, some pretty sexy boy shorts) and I got on my knees on the floor as she slid to the edge of the couch.  I unzipped and whipped out my raging hard on.  I rubbed it over the front of her panties and teased her with it.  I loved watching her watch me stroke it and squeeze it.  At one point, I gripped the throbbing shaft and squeezed out some precum.  Holly never did touch my cock except through my pants but I'm sure she was dying to.  Anyway, I squeezed a drop of sticky, clear fluid from the tip of my dick and smeared it all around and under the head with my fingertip.

"Let me taste your finger," she commanded.  I put it up to her mouth and she sucked it clean.  Things were getting hotter so I asked if she wanted to go upstairs and get on my bed.  Luckily for me, she did!  Once upstairs, I immediately shed all my clothes and Holly took off her shoes and dress, leaving only her sexy black panties.  I was determined that we weren't going to have sex, but I also planned to push the boundaries as far as I could.  I really wanted her to be able to go home and say, truthfully, that we hadn't fucked that day.  I never thought two people could have so much fun naked in bed while NOT fucking each other, but we totally did!

I started out on top of her, kissing and rubbing and lots more "-ings" and was grinding my aching cock against her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties when Holly exclaimed, "Your precum is getting my panties all wet!"  I knew right then that somehow, some way, I'd make that the title of a blog post.  And so I have!  Anyway, I started laughing and she did as well, but of course, I also kept right on sexing her up.  I knew oral was off the table for the same reason intercourse was off the table and Holly never did touch me below the waist.  I, however, did slip a hand into her panties at one point and quickly gave her two very powerful orgasms.  I loved hearing her moan and feeling her body tense and release as I brought her over the edge.

After that, I rolled her over and left a trail of soft kisses from the tops of her shoulders, to the base of her neck, down her spine, to her ass cheeks, the backs of her thighs and knees and her calves.  I even gave her a few playful bites on the meatier parts!  And all along the way, all down her hot body, my hard cock dangled over her, grazing her skin and leaving a trail of precum.  As I was kissing and nibbling the backs of her legs, my swollen member touched her feet and she began moving them against the shaft and the head in a most pleasurable way.  Whatever the opposite of a foot fetishist is, I'm that - feet gross me out.  Read carefully and you'll notice that my trail of kisses didn't go lower than Holly's calves.  But, for whatever reason, rubbing my hardness over her feet was super hot that day.  I tickled the soles with the head and moved my body so that it slid all over and between her feet.  Fuck it was hot!!!

Gradually, I worked my way back up her body, letting my cock slide over her skin the whole way.  I kissed her once more on the top of her spine and then rolled her back over.  I laid down on my back and began stroking myself as she kissed me feverishly.  I gripped the shaft and used my own precum as lube as I worked my fingers over the purple head.  Damn, it felt good.  I ached for a release and with Holly sucking my tongue and sliding her wet mouth all over mine, it didn't take long.  I pumped my cock, working it harder and faster.  Faster and faster and faster - my hand was a blur as I jacked that rock-hard shaft.  Until finally, I exploded in a forceful orgasm that blasted of jets of warm cum that settled on my stomach and all over my hand.  I came so fucking hard! And it felt sooooo good too!

I lay there for a few moments, my cock all sloppy and wet and still hard in my hand.  Holly kissed me softly and then surprised me by bending down and rubbing the head of my dick against her lips.  She immediately came back up for a kiss and we shared a taste.  That was, hands down, the hottest time I've ever had with a woman that I didn't have sex with.  Thanks for another "first", babe!

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